Cooperating and Affairs

The museum is visited by people of all ages, of different predilections and occupation. The museum is in permanent connection and cooperates with other museums, regional and urban cultural departments, Russian Community, public organizations, Mass Media, Organs of Local self-management, with people, interested in the museum. Close relations are also established with educational institutions of the region. Open lessons, as well as thematic excursions, visits and campaigns to historical places are organized. The events are always elucidated in “Kotayq” regional newspaper, through “Abovyan” and “Narek” TV companies. 


Seminars, Meetings and Scientific Forums

Regularly in the museum are held different seminars, lectures and scientific forums on Armenian-Russian people friendship, museum affairs, cultural testament investigation and preservation.

Other Activities

Cooperating with educational institutions of the region and city Abovyan /kindergartens, schools, High Schools and so on/ the museum organizes events, which carry the title “Know and Recognize Your Motherland”. On working days and holidays campaigns and excursions are organized to the historical and sightseeing places, the participants get acquainted with their history, put their contribution in the business of the saving the cultural values and the keeping them pure and clean. /Garni-Geghard, Bjni, Kecharis, Poghos-Petros/. Regularly are organized having become traditional foot-campaigns, which carry republican character. “The Old New Year at Hatis Peak” /January 13/, “The RA three-coloured flag at the peak of Aghdahak” /July 5, Constitution Day/, “The RA three-colored flag at the peak of the Aragats” /September 21, Independence Day/.